Romance Novels by S.B.K. Burns

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Legends of The Goldens Series: The Goldens, a dangerously powerful psychic race in overload, desperately needs some down time, a commodity some Earth-humans can facilitate in abundance.

I’ve posted the comic preview (drawn by artist Kamen Chalakov) of the first novel in the Legends of The Goldens Series, A Different Dimension (Sometimes titled Forbidden Playground). Excerpts from other books in the trilogy (Dancing Dragons and Love Me–Bite Me) will appear shortly.

Double click the image of the Human/Golden hybrid lovers, Akeelah and Saffron, on the LHS of the page to go to pages of the comic excerpt.

Having written four novels in the sci-fi paranormal romance genre, the Legends of The Goldens Trilogy and Entangled (about time-travel into the early eighteenth century) I’m coming back to the present for a contemporary romance set at the U.S. Open Tennis Championships (A Perfect Match).

Status as of June 6, 2013:

Entangled, (scientific history year: 1717 Scotland) a paranormal with strong romantic and steampunk elements, has been picked up by Black Opal Books to be released September 21, 2013.

Getting Them Up, a sci-fi novella will be released July 15, 2013 by Torrid/Whiskey Creek.

Have been offered a contract by Soul Mate for Forbidden Playground and Dancing Dragons from the Legends of the Goldens Series

Will pitch A Perfect Match at 2013 RWA National in Atlanta.

Another steampunk is in the works: Fly Like An Eagle (scientific history year: 1824 Philadelphia)

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  1. One year ago, about a year since I decided to work full-time on my writing, I was lucky enough to be invited into a critique group where my critique partners were e-published.

    In the last month, I was appointed as PRO Liaison of my local chapter of Romance Writers of America and, after winning a Savvy Authors pitch contest, offered a contract on my fourth novel, Entangled.

    If there is any advice a newbie like me can give, it’s focus on the front end of promotion, not the back end (on sending out queries, not the rejections).

    I must take my hat off to the editors and agents who’ve rejected my work. I have never seen so many encouraging rejections. Whatever the reason, keep those encouragements coming, they mean a lot to me, rejection or not.

  2. Hi Susan,
    This is the first time I’ve seen your blog. i really like it. From the picture from Africa to the comics. Way to go….very creative.

  3. 1. Tomorrow, September 21, Entangled will be released.

    It is up for purchase on the websites of Black Opal Books and Amazon Books.



    2. September 21: Prizes given out at blog http://www.steampunk.coffeetimeromance.com

    Entangled is a romance in which the hero and heroine each use a different technique to travel into his or her past, Scotland of 1717 (the time of light, lenses, and telescopes). The heroine by past life regression, the hero via a quantum computer, the Q.

    Long live the Q.

    Come to the blog http://www.steampunk.coffeetimeromance.com to win a top-of-the-line brass lorgnette by blogging on one of the following topics:

    In what part of scientific history would you like to see a non-mainstream steampunk romance take place and why?

    Name a woman from the 17th or 18th century that contributed scientifically, mathematically, or financially to the scientific revolution, and how that was accomplished for the specific individual?

    See you there.

    Susan Burns (writing as S.B.K. Burns for Black Opal Books)

    3. September 24 at 7 pm, reading at Lady Jane’s Salon at Point Loma Wine Steals.

  4. The “Ages of Invention Series” is a series of sci-fi historical romance novels (with elements of steampunk) that take place in years of scientific history. The characters travel through conscious time scientifically using quantum computers, past life regression techniques, and something called the flow (Algonquin-speaking Native Americans call this flow “bimijiwan.”) The first book in the series (just freed up for publication by the author) is “Entangled” which highlights the scientific history year of a Scotland of 1717). The hero and heroine are from a futuristic society that invents the Q, a time-traveling/consciousness-traveling machine. The hero is from the science/rationally minded sector of society, the heroine from the spiritual side. They go back into the past to find themselves caught in all kinds of mischief. The second book in the series “Fly Like An Eagle” which highlights the scientific history year of 1824 Philadelphia (at the opening of the Franklin Institute of Science), stars a half-blood Delaware Native and a well-brought-up heroine, a tomboy, from Philadelphia High Society. The Q developed and run by Sophie, the Electress of the House of Hanover, from the first book, plays a major role in this story when the hero takes the heroine across a threshold between worlds with the power of his Flow, the motive force of the Sophie’s Q. The new world is a Victorian London into which the Electress has saved Native Americans from starving, witches/alchemists from burning, and scientists from time quakes in the past, caused by the very time-traveling devices she operates. The heroine is brought into this steampunk world of invention in order to stop an ultimate time quake by choosing the world of science over that of spirituality or visa versa, whichever she deems is more worthy.

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