A Perfect Match/Open Season on Love and Death

Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Madison Weller is already in her twenties and hasn’t won a quarterfinal in any of the Grand Slam tennis championships. 

As she reaches the quarterfinals in the U.S. Open for the first time, she’s distracted by the celebrity phenom, Gaston Gervaisie, one of the top, all-time, tennis players in the world. 

After a car accident, which keeps him from competing, he attempts to land the head coaching position at her father’s new state-of-the-art indoor tennis center.

Gaston’s mother, an infamous tennis agent, unknown to Madison’s father, has run her tennis business into the ground. She wants to marry him to keep her business afloat. Madison’s father has overextended himself and thinks a marriage will bring in a much-needed cash flow.  Deluded as they are about each other’s wealth, the parents pressure their children to become friends for the sake of their new family.

Gaston is determined to reject both Madison and his mother’s scheming.  But he’s unable to resist Maddy’s charming innocence, along with her sometimes brutal honesty.

Madison does not like the lifestyle Gaston has  led or his former lack of commitment to anyone or anything in his life, save his tennis, and she’s against their  parents’ coming marriage.

Who will come out on top in this tennis match between the sexes?



2 responses to “A Perfect Match/Open Season on Love and Death

  1. “A Perfect Match” has been rewritten as a romantic suspense, “Open Season on Love and Death.” It has won the contemporary category of the Golden Claddagh contest of RWA’s Celtic Hearts Chapter.

    Penguin and Kensington have asked for full manuscripts (with some modifications).

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