Love Me. Bite Me.

Love Me. Bite Me. is a prequel to the other two paranormal romance novels in the Legends of the Goldens Series: A Different Dimension and Dancing Dragons.

Chastity, the first Golden-Human hybrid, has inherited great psychic powers from her Golden ancestors, but unlike them, she possesses the human ability to chill out, to not get so overwhelmed by the use of such powers.

[Her sister is murdered by the Tanzanian gangs near Uhuratown, formerly Moshi, Tanzania, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Her sister’s child, a hybrid by in vitro fertilization, is Saffron, the hero in A Different DimensionAndrew Everett in Dancing Dragons is the son of Saffron and Akeelah, the last surviving female hybrid. 

Love Me–Bite Me:

Chastity has a big crush on Zander, her math tutor, who is intent on graduating high school and becoming a member of the Dracule Clan of real vampires (as opposed to psychic ones, like Chastity and the Goldens).

At Comic-Con, International, the comic book convention, Zander is to be changed into a vampire where, of course, he will lose his soul.

Can Chastity learn the Goldens’ ancient ways so she may use her much smaller fangs to save him, bond with him, before the vampires change him into the living dead?

In order to bond with Zander and save his soul, she needs to learn how to use her fangs effectively and what better way is there  to study than entering a portal into a universe of the future to find another Zander to practice on?

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