[Just picked up by Black Opal Books. December 2013.]

There’s more than one way into the past.

In this two-class society, Dawn Jameson, part of the Boston underclass of 2017, meditates herself into a past life, Lily, an alchemist of early eighteenth century Scotland.

Taylor, member of the analytical and unemotional dominant class, dreams himself to  18th Century Scotland where he meets Lily, a precocious young woman who is able to tear down the walls he’s built to protect his sexually inhibited life.

But can Dawn be sure Taylor is more attracted to her than the unreserved Lily, her past life? Is he a typical upper-class jock to whom love is a word of convenience, instead of an emotion traveling to the very core of his existence?

Dawn and Taylor become the epicenter of a time quake, unable to escape their sexually obsessive past, until Taylor’s brother, a celebrity physicist (think Stephen Hawking) rescues them in his quantum computer.

With three ways into the past—past life regression, lucid dreaming, and the quantum computer—their timeline is in knots.

For their love to survive, Taylor must allow Lily to be burned as a witch.

Might there be a fourth and safer way out of the past? 

One response to “Entangled

  1. Rights to “Entangled” have been returned so I might self-publish the work or put it together with my latest work, “Fly Like An Eagle,” as part of the “Ages of Invention Series” of historical sci-fi romances/steampunks.

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